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06.03.2017 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm



200 Bred Cows


Sale includes the complete dispersal of 40 Gelbveih cross cows, approximately 20 spring calvers, the remainder do throughout the summer. Cows are bred to a Cedardale Charolais bull and a McKinley Red Angus bull. Cows are on a annual live vacc program. The property of Grant and Louise Bennett of Keene Ontario.


Selling 28 Cows with South African Simmental calves at side.  Majority of the cows are Char cows from Briggs breeding, 4 cows Simmental cross, 4 cows Shorthorn cross.  These cows have been vac with Triangle 10 with Lepto ScourGuarded before calving, Ivomec, Tasvac.  Calves have had Tasvac, castrated and dehorned. The property of Arthur & Andrew Trent, Cambray, ON


Selling 30 black Angus & Black Angus Simmental cross. A variety with calves at the side, springing or due in the fall. The property of Phoenix & Arnold Beef


Selling 45 Char and X bred cows. A variety with calves at side. Others have been bred Char. The property of Klaas Spek.


Selling 8 Limo Hiefers bred Herford Due September, Vaccinated. The property of Wesley Paterson of Hampton On